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Value -Added
Metal Manufacturing
Integrated Solutions

Since 1989


Let our Mechanical Solutions Enrich Your Business

Leetwo Metal is a highly automated manufacturer of custom metal products. Our processes involve state-of-the-art laser cutting, braking, punching, machining, welding, powder & liquid coat painting, along with integration assembly of components meeting all customer specifications.  


Controlled Goods Certified
(Military Applications)

The Controlled Goods Program is a registration and compliance program having military or national security significance.


Robotic Bending

Dual Robots offers state-of-the-art unmanned production with high speed accurate bending capability to process parts at optimal manufacturing efficiency.


Automated Fiber Optic Laser Cutting

The latest in cutting-edge technology, offering invincible precision, speed, and quality. Our automated lights-out manufacturing element ensures non-stop manufacturing to reliably meet delivery schedules.


Robotic Welding

Collaborative dual robots are used to automate welding processes to perform consistent high-quality welds on a variety of complex parts.


 In-house Powder &
Liquid Coat Painting

We specialize in a paint process that takes parts being manufactured from start to finish and then shipped directly to our customers. 


Keeping the powder coating & liquid paint in-house equates to quicker delivery times, consistent production, and cost savings for the customer.

We Take Pride in Our Quality and Numbers

Leetwo Metal progressive integrated quality processes, strives to provide precision products in terms of quality, accuracy, and reliability. 


Parts Shipped Each Year


Years and Counting in Business


Customer Approval Rate


Manufacturing Machinery


Prototypes to Production

We provide precision parts involving various processes, from prototype delivery to the fully integrated production commodity.

Strive for Excellence

With our client-centric approach, we invest in technology to provide value-added solutions at competitive prices with minimal lead times.


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We welcome the opportunity to let our experienced team manage your next project!

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