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In-House Powder Coat
& Liquid Painting

An in-house paint facility means manufactured parts are quality controlled until they are shipped. Maintaining a high standard of quality translates to performing cyclical audits on the chemicals used during the painting process.


Powder Paint

The principal difference between a conventional paint and a powder coating is that powder coatings do not require solvents to maintain the filler and binding portions in a liquid suspension form. These thermoplastic or thermoset polymer coatings are applied electrostatically and are cured with heat where it flows and creates a thin protective layer.



  • Powder coating a metal object allows for a dense sturdy finish, more durable than conventional paints.

  • This process only requires a single coat so it is rapid, efficient, and easy.

  • It allows for custom textured and colored finishes as the powders involved can be finely manipulated.

  • Produces a remarkably even finish as the powder melts and sets across the entire object at once, leaving no application traces or drips.

  • The powder coating process is also environmentally friendly as it produces minimal volatile organic compounds.


Liquid Paint

We know our clients require high quality and durability for their product finishes. Our team works with a series of processes and state-of-art equipment to warrant optimal results for paint adhesion and corrosion resistance.

  • Wet paint and plating shine where powder coating declines.

  • It can be used to coat objects which can’t be heated, as the process does not require high temperatures to succeed.

  • A wide range of colors paint finish and plating can produce, allowing for much more custom color works than powder coating.

  • Produces a thin finish, to comply with certain customer specifications. 

  • Wet paint is more affordable as a finishing process than powder coating, making it suitable for both large and small finishing applications.



Prototypes to Production

Leetwo Metal's Client-Centric approach provides our clients with quick-turn prototypes supporting a time to market strategy for new products to mass production.

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