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Our Processes

 Automated and adaptable robotics designed to provide consistent quality and rapid turnaround for a diversity of product architectures at competitive prices.

Sheet Metal Forming & Robotic Bending
CNC Milling & Lathe

Robotic bending is designed for high-precision part productivity through reduced cycle times. With 10+ Brake Presses, it increases productivity and profitability without increasing costly labor. 


With 25+ Milling Machines, Leetwo Metal offers Precision CNC machining services including CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC drilling.

In-House Powder Coa & Liquid Painting
Value-added Assembly

Keeping the powder coating & liquid painting in-house equates to quicker delivery times, consistent production, and cost savings for the customer.


Our specially trained team members are qualified to perform various levels of mechanical, electronic and electro-mechanical integration as a value-added service.

Automated Fiber Optic Laser Cutting
CNC Punching

Renowned laser cutting technology and automated material handling operations for process consistency with automated “lights out” manufacturing. 


Electromechanical devices move tools and generate patterns from a software file using computer programming inputs.

Certified Welders & Robotic Weling

Welding is an essential aspect of manufacturing which includes both robotic welders and certified welders on staff supported by our 10+ Prominent Brands of Welding Equipment.


CNC Router with a sturdy and rigid all-steel plate frame means you experience almost no vibration when cutting to yield a highly precise cut, every time. 

CNC Router for Plastic Sheets & Solids

Satisfaction Assurance

Leetwo Metal is highly committed to providing products which meet or exceed customer expectations.

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