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Dive Into Quality Processes
& Quantifiable Precision

What We Guarantee


Progressive Processes

Progressive integrated quality processes, that strive to provide precision products in terms of quality, accuracy, and reliability.  


Innovative Concepts

Leetwo Metal provides customers with innovative concepts for constructive designs to improve the overall manufacturability of the part. 


Integration Services

Integration services with qualified individuals to meet customer requirements. 


Quality Performance

Dedicated to quality performance, our factory continues to apply proven ISO 9001 procedures.


We take a Systematic Measurable Approach

Leetwo Metal quality standard is maintained through adherence to a systematic mechanism.

 First Article Inspection

 Q.A. analysis compared to drawing

 Test jig part validation

✔ Dimension verification during production

✔ Statistical performance with a proven track record

The work speaks for itself

Here's a glimpse of some of our amazing projects

Powder & Liquid Coat Painting

Leetwo Metal strives to maintain a high standard of quality having prominent certifications, including (CARC) Chemical Agent Resistant Coating for Military Applications.

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